how to sell your photography online

If you need some tips on selling photography online, you have come to the right place. Stock photography sites like Dreamstime, BigStockPhoto, and Shutterstock can be gold-mines for you if you submit the right photos, but a small fact that my surprise you is that they do not accept every photo submitted! Make sure yours are not rejected by following these basic steps – these tips on selling photography online.

  • Focus Is CRUCIAL! Photo stock sites get so many submissions that they can afford to reject anything less than perfect. The “blurred effect” can be a plus, but a good rule of thumb is to limit it’s use to that of emphasizing movement.
  • Shoot Intentionally. Think about what will make the photo really stand out AS YOU ARE TAKING IT! Lighting, composition, and other “technical stuff” is important from the moment your finger rests on the shutter button. If you think you can always crop or zoom in to get that sell-able photo, think again!
  • Watch your lighting. Don’t take pictures directly into the sunlight, of course, but also be aware that shiny surfaces can reflect light that may lessen the overall attractiveness of your shot.
  • Be creative in your niches. The market for photos of flowers and sunsets is rather saturated. Think outside the box and ask yourself WHO might be looking for photos of WHAT. Designers of brochures for outdoors companies may want photos of tents, camping supplies, etc.
  • Keep your lens clean! This is one of those simple but often-forgotten tips on selling photography online that is more important than you realize! An eye-glasses wipe cloth works well if you don’t have a camera lens cloth.
  • Take lots and lots of photos, but only submit the best! Get camera-happy, be a photo-holic… but limit your submissions to only those that are truly great shots. Build your online portfolio with your top work.
  • Don’t forget about model release forms! VERY FEW stock photography sites accept photos of people without their permission. If they are even remotely identifiable, you will need a signed form. This includes random “locals” you shoot while travelling, by the way!

Photography as a hobby is a very rewarding one, as you become an artist and can showcase your talents to the world. Make it a profitable hobby by taking photos that won’t be rejected by stock photography sites, but instead will be accepted and right away get you selling photography online! You will LOVE the extra cash!

The advice above is a small compilation of basic tips on selling photography online that will help you get a good start and be welcomed by stock photography sites. If you follow them and keep learning as you go, you will soon be making some lovely Cash From Photos!

~ by onlinecamerawarehouse on November 15, 2010.

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