winter time photography

Winter is a wonderful season that conjures up images of snow, Santa and hot chocolate.  Winter photographs often help individuals get into the holiday spirit, even if the photo has nothing to do with Christmas.  People begin to think of family, happy times, and are in generally good spirits during the frosty season.  Whether you desire a professional position as a photographer or just want to capture images for yourself, the following photography tips will help for the chilly season.

Attitude when Taking a Shot:

It doesn’t really matter the season, your attitude has to be right for getting a successful shot.  However, when it is cold outside you may feel the need to rush through your image capture in order to get back to the comfortable indoors.  You should replace thoughts of a fireplace, hot chocolate, and a good book with enthusiasm.  For most of us it just takes looking outside at the snow, trees, and finding a beautiful scene to record.

To have the right attitude you should dress appropriately for the weather.  You want unrestrictive clothing, but clothing which is designed to keep you warm.  Instead of a thick jacket that makes it hard to move consider layers such as thermal underwear, fleece shirt, and a fleece jacket.  Also get your outdoor clothing a couple of sizes too large to help in the movement.


The wintry season offers a myriad of unique sounds, light, and subjects.  A branch weighed down by snow or frozen water hanging from an eave can all add to the image you capture.  Is the day grey or sunny?  How is the light reflecting on a subject?  You have to learn to recognise an opportunity in winter in order to capture it.  Some of the best subjects are animals out in the snow.  Deer, squirrels, birds, and other animals can make great subjects as long as you are willing to find them.

Camera Protection:

In cold temperatures it is possible for your camera to malfunction.  Before going out you should read the manual to determine if it has sensitivity to extreme temperatures.  Batteries can also have sensitivity issues.  You may want to bring extra batteries in case they freeze up.  The only thing that needs to be exposed on the camera is the lens, view finder, and the buttons.  You may decide in winter photography you want to create a camera cover to help protect it from the elements.

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