How to take stunning photos with any old compact digital camera!

Like any profession, being a good photographer requires a routine to complete his job effectively. Having a proper routine enables a photographer to take stunning pictures in different conditions. It is completely impossible to accomplish great tasks if you don’t have an effective routine – regardless you’re a professional or an amateur photographer. Apart from that, by having a productive routine, you’ll be able to improve the accuracy of your photo-taking skill and your preparedness in photography.

Here’s the effective routine of a photographer who uses a compact digital camera:

1. Bring along your bag in every photo-taking session

Being a photographer, you must a set of tools to help you take spectacular pictures. You must bring along some spare memory cards compact flash cards, SD cards or memory sticks, spare batteries – most compact cameras have self-installed batteries, hence you’ve to bring along the camera’s battery charger, tripod – since you cannot rely much your camera’s Image Stabilizer feature to avoid taking blurry pictures, some snacks – just in case there are no food available during your long photo-shoot session; and artificial lighting (if you’re carrying along large-size bag) – i.e. spot lights that are meant for indoor photo shoot.

2. Always shoot in automatic mode

Since the photo-taking process can be so unforgiving, sometimes you’ve to act fast to capture those unforgettable moments or any dazzling images by using the automatic mode. If you have ample of time to take a certain picture, you can manually adjust the camera settings – i.e. colors, contrast, brightness, white balance and many more; so that you can produce good quality image.

3. Always have a habit of re-check your work

In every shot you take, the snapshot is viewable in the LCD mini-screen as soon as you’ve pressed the shutter. If it’s still possible to take another shot, you can capture the image once again and re-check it via the LCD mini-screen. Eliminate those pictures which the subjects are completely overshadowed by any distracting elements of the pictures.

4. Using the right ISO setting

You can manually adjust the ISO settings when you’re taking pictures under different conditions. For instance, if you want to take pictures under dim conditions – you have to use a lower ISO setting (in this case, it’s ISO 400). Same thing for capturing images of fast moving subjects – using the same ISO setting can increase the noise level of the image. If you’re capturing images outdoors – suggested ISO setting is between 800-1600.

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