A look at the Sony Alpha A500 SLR

Sony has been busy extending its scope Alpha DSLR this week, with the arrival of Alpha A500, A550 and A850 cameras .
A850 is a strange beast and one that certainly increase the surprise it brings to the table almost all the functions of its bigger brother, the A900, but with lower price-tag.
For starters: TechRadar notes that although the A850 makes it possible to shoot full-frame images, the camera can not compete with the A900 in terms of coverage of the viewfinder.
While in 2008, has 100 percent of A900, A850 lets you do with 98 percent coverage viewfinder. Also the shooting was reduced to 3 frames per second, compared to the A900 is 5fps. And now there is also installing a remote control.
As for cost reductions of him that is quite a lot. What is left is almost a professional camera with impressive features.
When we got hold of the camera, it is us, how to get there near the A900 in look. Sony has definitely gone from if it is not broke approach here.
This is a similar trick that they have the A700? C camera, who told us, Sony will now be slowly phased out.
Although we had limited time with the A850, the camera is a solid piece of kit. Aluminum casing feels good in your hand, a large handle that does not feel like any time youre going to remove what is essentially an animal of the camera.
, high-contrast 3.0-inch Xtra Fine LCD rear cam is more than impressive. When you browse our photos, high resolution 921k dot screen was sharp and clear, even in difficult light.
and you can view the images are impressive a solid sports A850 24.6MP Exmor CMOS sensor. Currently, one of the largest sensors around the DSLR market.
We were also impressed with the Fn button, as it essentially means that we do not have to dig deep into the endless menu options that the camera has to offer.
It also meant we introduce the parameters capture what we want quickly and easily.
Like the A900, Sony managed to squeeze the technology SteadyShot inside A850.
is integrated with the body stabilization system essentially means that they are no longer associated with the use of a tripod with the DSLR. It adds up to four steps anti-shake correction and makes handheld shooting much easier.
Beside A850, Sony also provides a lens 28-75mm F2.8 SAM. The company ensures that the lens is perfect for the interior scenes and portraits of the available light.
Although they are somewhat concerned that the A700 is dropped by the Sony A850 is more than enough step-in range.
The price of about 2000(compared to the A900, which currently sells at 2,400), this means that those who are looking longingly at the A900, but not were able to afford to buy, do no harm packing A850.
release date for Sony Alpha DSLR A850 is in September this year.

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