Why buy the Canon 60d?

Canon are prolific at releasing new digital SLR cameras, and have released three cameras which are comparable within 12 months in to this market. Their trick has always been to create cameras which remain slightly aspirational for their respective user bases whilst keeping enough of an incentive in place for you to upgrade – often to one of their many new releases. The digital rebel users have had their eye on the Canon eos 7d for the past 12 months, and the 7d users have in turn had their eye on the Canon EOS 1D Mark-IV, which for many remains the ultimate digital slr attraction in the market today.

So if we have established that Canon have a definite hierarchy which they strictly adhere to with their digital SLR releases, then the question which springs to mind is, where does the Canon 60D, launched August 2010, fit into the scheme of things?

Canon’s newest Digital SLR launch, the Canon EOS 60D, is gaining loads of interest. But this is the situation with just about any new version from both Canon or Nikon, the two most in-demand DSLR camera companies.

I needed to know, not what the reviewers were saying, but what the purchasers are stating. I know that not every buyer is a professional, but that’s the exact motive to read their remarks. In most cases, they will deliver their absolute truthful judgment regarding their user’s experience.

A few of the things I want to know are these:

1. Do individuals feel “cheated” because the 60D doesn’t have the same metal body and high continuous shooting capability as the 50D?

2. Exactly how do brand-new buyers like the the brand new articulating “Live View” LCD screen?

3. Obviously, I really want to find out from individuals who buy a Canon 60D just how high they are evaluating this latest camera and why.

Prior to getting to the questions, the first thing I discovered is that there is no simple explanation that identifies the experience level of Canon 60D buyers. There are a few who are pros, and conversely, there are several who are moving up from a compact digital camera. And, of course there are just about all levels in between.

There are numerous high ratings, and only one lower ranking. However, there will not be lots of user rankings as of this article. It could be a good plan for you to go to the web based stores and look over several of the remarks for yourself, given that this new digital camera will likely be receiving user reviews on a daily basis.

First: How about the camera construction?

There was not one statement concerning the “shoddy” feel of the 60D.. Not one. In fact there are a few who really like the truth that this particular model is less heavy than its predecessor. Intriguing. The comment I thought rather insightful says that the camera actually doesn’t feel inferior in the least, and he makes the point that he’ll most likely not use his DSLR to “deflect a gun shot” at any time in the near future. It will be a while before we know if the high quality plastic material the body is built of will last, but for the present, customers are pleased with the way the camera feels, and it really looks like a truly professional product. One customer made the remark that this new camera is lighter, which might be beneficial for carrying it all day long.

Next: How do buyers feel about the new articulating “Live View” screen?

Responses about this new element of Canon DSLR cameras were just what I envisioned. Folks really appreciate it. It does seem some were essentially waiting for this launch just to acquire this functional LCD screen. This is true of individuals moving away from a digital point and shoot camera, since many of them have had this sort of movable LCD screen for some time. It’s a very practical addition, as mentioned by a number of customers.

Third question: What are the scores and why?

The fundamental meaning of this query is to determine if buyers are happy with their buy. This is always beneficial to know. I have observed that some buyers are greatly influenced by the remarks of professional camera authorities, and the majority of of the “professional reviews” I find will at one point comment that Canon might well have included the characteristics that are already in the 50D, but instead decided to downgrade in order to get this model “in between” the T2i and the 7D. What I see is that not any of the people who left comments gave it a second thought. As already stated, the comments out there are hugely complimentary. Many declare that they “really like this camera.” These are the sort of statements that get my attention.

Although those who buy a Canon 60D are not ex – 50D owners (at least I didn’t see any), there are some who have previously used, or invested in, the Canon T2i and the 7D. And these customers are fully pleased with the 60D in contrast to these other two new Canon designs.
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