Canon 60d V Canon 7d V rebel T2i

In this post I am going to invesigate whether Canon have, either intentionally or inadvertantly, gone into competition against iteself by releasing the Canon 7D, the Canon 60d and the Rebel T2i during one 12 month period. The 7D isn’t a new release (its been out for around a year now) and it remains strong in the market place. During this time the T2i has been released into the semi pro market, and then in August 2010, Canon released its anticipated 60d.

The Canon 60d is definitely an interesting release becuase it is briding the gap between the rebel range (which has always been for the aspirational hobbyist or semi pro) and the 7D, which is somehwat of a Canon eos 1D mini me. So by releasing the 60D, has Canon bridged the gaps betwen its nicely segmented SLR divisions and in doing so, triggered competition between its own models – possibly for the first time? I recogmend that you visit (or a similiar site) and search for the three models mentioned (or follow the links i added) and click to add them to the list on that site. From there you can hit the ‘compare’ button and they present the items side by side, which is a fantastic way to compare product specifications side by side. The encroachment mentioned below becomes more obvious when you do this.

Canon has created three cameras this year that are very competitive with each other. They are the Canon Rebel T2i, the Canon 60D, and the Canon 7D.

The first to come out was the 7D. Right out of the gate it proved to be a winner. Sales and customer satisfaction skyrocketed. It is truly a semi-professional digital SLR camera, but it still has the APS-C sensor which keeps it below professional in experts’ eyes.

However, the buyers are not limited to non-pros at all. There are many pros who are owners of this great camera. It is a highly regarded camera, and rightly so. Canon did it right with the 7D.

The next release was the Canon Rebel T2i (aka 550D). It was also an instant winner, quickly making the T1i a distant memory. That was mainly because of the excellent advances in image sensor (the same sensor as in the twice as expensive 7D) and the video enhancements. Aside from being much smaller and plastic, the T2i is really popular among beginning DSLR photographers.

Now comes the Canon 60D. It would seem that Canon has produced another winner “in between” the other two very popular cameras. In order to do that, Canon had to make a few changes in the XXD model line. For instance, the material used for the construction of this model is no longer the fine metal of the 50D, and the continuous shooting rate is also degraded.

But there are a couple of things to celebrate. First there is the same CMOS 18MP sensor as the 7D and the T2i, which is an improvement over the 50D.

Next is the same video capability as the other two cameras.. again a huge improvement over the 50D.

Canon 60D vs Canon 7D

So, when taken as a comparison to the Canon 7D, where does the Canon 60D fall?
Well, you may not be surprised to discover that it falls somewhere in between the other two. And that’s exactly what Canon intended. The surprise is that in spite of the similarities, It does not look like either one of those other cameras.

It has the new articulating (movable) LCD screen to which many are saying, “Finally!” And it has benefits and features that are close to those of the 7D, but the 7D is clearly a better built camera.

So, Canon has done its job. Now it’s up to us as a camera buying public to decide if we like what we see.

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